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The interview has always been one of my favorite ways of story-making. Sometimes I’m fleshing out a fictional character I’m working on. Other times I interview ambitious people to find out why they do what they do. There is no lack of such people in the melting pot of San Jose, where over 51% are immigrants to the U.S. For several years I worked with Rob Devincenzi, the Editor of the Milpitas Post, to produce a monthly column titled ‘Our Town’ for the Milpitas Post. The column generated a lot of comment. Here are some of my favorites.

What I Learned About Ethiopian Immigrant Children
Excerpt from the Spring 2020 edition of the journal,
Lutheran Mission Matters

Fighting Changed His Life
Restaurant manager drops almost half his weight to focus on pro mixed martial arts

Milpitas Mosque Leader Reflects
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community president acts as father-figure, adviser

Eyes Draw Doctor Abroad
Head of Kaiser’s Ophthalmology Department travels to rural
communities overseas with teams of local nurses and technicians
Memories of Iwo Jima
Survivor hit twice in one of World War II’s
bloodiest battles, carries shrapnel in his heart
Long Ago and Faraway Milpitas
Historian and orchardist Mabel Mattos
has one of the best perspectives in town

The Shark Guy
Aquarium inside Christ Community Church’s new
building will be home to wild sharks and rays
A WMD in Her Handbag
Elmwood women’s jail chaplain lifts victims of domestic violence

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