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Bilbo Baggins, the famous little Hobbit said: “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it's very difficult to find anyone.'

Welcome to my website! And thank you for joining in the adventure I’ve arranged!

I’ve revamped my website to make it a platform focused on what I believe you want to see, which is the books, the reviews and comments on the books, how to get a copy and what I’m up to.

In What’s in the Pipeline? (below) and in the box on the lower right, I hope to provide regular updates on the project I am currently very excited about.

Thanks for visiting!

What’s in the Pipeline?

Tesfai Tesema has a driving passion to build churches for the next generation of Ethiopians, immigrant children like his own two sons, who look ethnically Ethiopian on the outside but inside, they are thoroughly American.

I’m collaborating with Tesfai to tell the story of the doctoral research which led him to become a modern Mordecai, working with North American Ethiopian congregations to identify and empower the Esthers in their congregations. The forthcoming book (tentative title: For Such a Time: Gen Two Ethiopians and the Gospel) features a research survey of twenty-five Ethiopian Americans and in-depth interviews with three Ethiopian second-generation pastors. It’s a must-read for immigrant parents and Christian leaders who wonder what to do with their children, who love hamburgers and French Fries more than injera bread and Key wat.

Click here to read an excerpt from the spring edition of the journal, Lutheran Mission Matters.



The Prize-winning Story (PWS)

Who wins the story-telling contest? What happened to Major Eli? In Ken Yoder Reed's forthcoming novel, Pastor Vladdy leads his 15th tour of the Holy Land with his radio show fan club. He tag-teams with Major Eli, Israeli counter-terrorist and pistol-packing Orthodox Jew. They challenge the tourists to tell the best story and win the big prize. Then everything falls apart on the final day. Eli takes offense over Vladdy’s ‘What about the Palestinians?’ and leaves on a deadly secret mission. Click here or above to watch the book trailer.

Click here to read a Who’s Who of the characters on the tour and see a gallery of pictures. This is not another travelogue, another analysis of ‘the Conflict’, another history. It’s the stories of the pilgrims themselves, as they told them to me. Journalistic fiction— their true stories of pilgrimage, disguised to protect privacy.

Ken Yoder Reed

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