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Bilbo Baggins, the famous little Hobbit said: “I am looking for someone to share in an adventure that I am arranging, and it’s very difficult to find anyone.’

Welcome to my website!
And thank you for joining in the adventure I’ve arranged!

I’ve revamped my website to make it a platform focused on what I believe you want to see, which is the books, the reviews and comments on the books, how to get a copy and what I’m up to. In What’s on my Desk’ (below) I hope to provide regular updates on the project I am currently very excited about. In Comments, you’ll find the comments of others and my responses, where applicable. If you wish you can still go to Contact Me and do that. Thanks for visiting!

What’s in the Pipeline?

I’m finished drafting Holy Land Prize, a novel story of a band of American tourists who visit the Holy Land and compete with each other to win the big prize—a free trip. The challenge-- tell the best story!

Click here to read a Who’s Who of the characters on the tour. This is not another travelogue, another analysis of ‘the Conflict’, another history. It’s the stories of the pilgrims themselves, as they told them to me. Journalistic fiction— their true stories of pilgrimage, disguised to protect privacy.

I’m looking for a Publisher who loves Israel. If you can help, please go to the Contact Me page.




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