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About The Author

Ken Yoder Reed calls himself a ‘refugee Mennonite’ who left his heart in southeastern Pennsylvania when he moved to Silicon Valley. His grandparents on both sides—one set Amish, the other Old Order Mennonite—drove horse and buggy teams in the 20th Century. Ken describes his childhood: ‘Populated with wonderful cousins and aunts and grandparents. Swarming with cows and rabbits and chickens. Driven by the routines of our dairy and by the discipline of our conservative church. I spent a great part of my boyhood escaping into novels when I was supposed to be working the fields on our family farm at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.’

After graduating from Lancaster Mennonite School, Ken attended Eastern Mennonite College (Harrisonburg, VA), where he earned a BA English Literature and won his first writing award from Atlantic Monthly. He also attended the Japanese Language Institute in Sapporo, Japan and completed his military alternative service (Vietnam War) as an English Teacher in Asahikawa, Japan.

Ken returned to Lancaster and spent seven years as a journalist, publishing his first novel, Mennonite Soldier (Herald Press), two full-length plays for Dutch Family Festival, numerous investigative articles and children’s stories for Mennonite publications, and a monthly column on his family’s life on Haight Street after he moved his family to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Reed says: ‘I knocked around for a couple years, trying to find journalism jobs’. Eventually, he founded a recruiting company, TKO, which sourced engineers and manger for Silicon Valley high-tech firms growing their businesses in Japan and Greater China. He sold the original company to NASDAQ-traded Hall Kinion, then founded two boutique recruiting firms, including Goldstrike Recruiters, his present firm.

Now a Presbyterian (ECO), Ken remains loyal to the Savior Jesus that he followed as a youth. He still prefers a capella music and Pannhaas (scrapple) for breakfast. He and his wife Patricia have a blended family with six adult children and five delightful grandchildren.

Ken enjoys swimming, Japanese conversation, international travel and cultures and writing stories. One of his hobbies is interviewing ambitious people to find out why they do what they do. There is no lack of such people in the melting pot of San Jose, where over 51% are immigrants to the U.S. He has written up their stories in a regular column ‘Our Town’, for the Milpitas Post. Click here to read sample columns. He also combines this journalistic skill in his upcoming book on Israel.

I became Greenywalt, the 18th Century immigrant and father of Both My Sons, with the help of a costume, a model of Davy Crockett’s Old Betsy rifle and a glued-on beard. I presented a 5-minute skit featuring Greenywal on a book tour of four Eastern U.S. states in February, 2016. What a blast!

Ken Yoder Reed

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